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Tattoo aftercare Instructions.
It is your responsibility to read and follow these directions!

• Day One: Keep bandage on until you are someplace where you can begin proper care, preferably no longer than ten hours. After removing the bandage: Wash the tattoo with cool water; NO SOAP. When washing the tattoo, water rinse and/or soak. Gently wipe. Take care to get all the little blood beads off. You can wipe it softly; this will not hurt the tattoo. After washing: Allow tattoo to completely dry. Then, apply a very small amount of the Aquaphor to the tattoo. Whatever you can't wipe into the skin... wipe off with a Kleenex! If later it appears dry… it is, so put more Aquaphor on. Use as sparingly as hand lotion. It is better to use very little more frequently, than to cake it on and leave it. Skin should look dry after applying.

Icing your tattoo helps to bring down swelling and reduces the secretion of body fluids. Body fluids will only create scabbing, making further care more difficult.
Day One: Repeat washing every hour.
Day Two: Repeat day one except every 2 hours
Day Three: Repeat day one except every 3 hours
Day Four: Flaky peal day – this is normal. Repeat day one except every 4 hours

• If you wake up to what seems like the beginning of scabbing, SOAK IT OFF!

For getting ready for bed: After putting on the Aquaphor, put plastic wrap (Cling Wrap) over the tattoo. Do this only for the first two nights. This step will prevent drying and scabbing from occurring while sleeping. If your skin heats up from this, don’t do it. Just make sure you get up during the night to wash the tattoo.

If you fail to wash as above, you will get heavy and dry scabbing. At this point, discontinue soaking. Perhaps stop in and/or text the studio. Don't pick your scabs. If you pick at the scabs, you will lose color.

Continue to follow the washing instructions for at least 7 days. ONLY USE AQUAPHOR!

Remember, it is almost better to do nothing than to do something wrong. I have found many products will draw the color out of the skin. It doesn't matter what your "know it all" friends have to say, follow your artists instructions.

Keep tattoo out of the sun. This does not just mean lying out!!! No sun means no sun... period. The sun will damage your tattoo. After the tattoo is healed you should use sunscreen; I recommend 45-50 SPF. Don't use a sunscreen formulated for baby skin. They are meant for b-a-b-i-e-s! Their skin is much different. Sunscreen will keep your color bright and the color contrast of your skin tone the way it was meant to be. I use your skin tone as a highlighted part of our work. If you tan it, highlights will become low lights, and the effect will change.

Allow the skin to heal without picking, swimming or tanning or whatever unusual thing you can think of. Use common sense when choosing your wardrobe. If you have questions TEXT ME ANYTIME. Don't think it is a dumb question, just get ahold of me... You might really feel dumb if you don't.

Thank you for taking a part of me with you, forever.
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